Johnny Depp

Black Mass

Simply put, Black Mass is the story of an Irish mobster and generally really bad guy (Bulger) hopping in bed with the FBI in an effort to bring down the Italian mob in South Boston. His motives are pretty crappy, as are his morals and his ability to serve as a useful informant. Agent John …

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Going into a sci-fi movie, I always really want it to be good. There just about nothing more satisfying than sci-fi done really well. It can introduce you to an alternate world, bend your mind, and even change the way you look at things. Transcendence, to give it some credit, has a lot of really …

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I swear, sometimes it seems like I have powers. This summer I developed the sudden and uncontrollable urge to watch Cry-Baby. I hadn’t seen it in over a decade, and I kind of wanted to buy it, but I wasn’t quite sure if it would be as good as I remembered. I waffled, I obsessed, …

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The Lone Ranger

As Hollywood continues to mine the vaults of our collective pop-culture past for new (old) ideas, relaunching The Lone Ranger probably didn’t sound like a bad idea: The Wild West still manages to seem like a fresh setting in a Michael Bay world; it would be a great vehicle for not one,but two charismatic stars; …

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Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows is the latest installment in the Johnny Depp-Tim Burton bromance, and if either or both of those names cause you to swoon, then you really don’t need to read this.  You KNOW you will see this movie.  I count myself among Mr. Depp’s many, many girlfriends, and frankly, Johnny could play a carrot …

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