Martial arts

Shanghai Knights

Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan reprise their roles from the hit Shanghai Noon, as ladies’ man cowboy Roy O’Bannon and former Chinese Imperial guard, now Old West sherriff, Chon Wang. Chon’s father has been killed in China by a hissingly evil stranger (Aiden Gillen, with a single strand of his dishevelled curly locks out of …

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Hero (Ying xiong)

Hero is perhaps the most astonishingly beautiful-looking movie I have ever seen. EVER? (you may ask) Yes, EVER. To put it bluntly, I was simply stunned while sitting through this film. I don’t think I was the only one, because the theater was strangely silent during the film. I think everyone has stopped breathing, like …

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Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon is supposedly the ultimate Bruce Lee film. The movie made him an international superstar (he was already huge in Hong Kong), but he didn’t get to bask in the glory. Tragically he died at the age of 32, days before the film’s big premiere. It is also considered his best film (please …

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