Mary Poppins

The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story

But behind the merry melodies and lively lyrics, the men who wrote the music the world loved were growing increasingly estranged. Co-directed by Jeff Sherman (Robert’s son) and Greg Sherman (Richard’s son), this fascinating and moving documentary chronicles the brothers’ lives from childhood to present day, highlighting their greatest achievements, examining the evolution of some …

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Mary Poppins

Having grown up with the soundtrack to Mary Poppins in my little record collection, I learned the film’s fabulous songs long before I ever saw the movie. When it finally came on TV, I remember my parents warning me that it was going to be on for a long time. I was determined to sit …

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Saving Mr. Banks

Emma Thompson, turning in what is easily one of her richest and most complex performances, stars as P.L. Travers, the seriously sour, exceedingly stubborn and altogether unpleasant British author who, for more than two decades, refused to sign over the rights to her book, Mary Poppins, to Walt Disney (Tom Hanks). When Disney throws one …

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