Matt Damon


In an alternate present, the world is suffering from overpopulation, impending climate doom, and other man-made disasters including depletion of the earth’s resources. A scientist comes up with a solution that at least may slow the disaster down: Humans are taking up too much space, consuming too much, and creating so much waste. Why not …

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Jason Bourne

Revisiting a popular character like Jason Bourne is tantalizing. It’s been 9 years since we’ve seen the man without a memory, the man without a past; a trained assassin who can kill people with his bare hands. What has Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) been up to in all that time? Apparently eating sacks of meat …

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Clint Eastwood, as a director, is certainly in his prime. In his 80s, he is extremely prolific, and is producing dramas, one after another that range from solid (Hereafter, Invictus) to outstanding (Changeling, Gran Torino). How many directors of any age can boast such a resume? Hereafter, I kept thinking, felt like a European style …

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Set roughly 140 years in the future, the film finds the Earth ravaged by pollution and overpopulation, resulting in the über-rich fleeing to the idyllic titular space station where the air is clean, the grass is green, technology has rendered disease nonexistent and the swarthy, unwashed masses – including factory worker Max (Matt Damon) – …

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