Sean Penn

21 Grams

Imagine taking three jigsaw puzzles—one blue, one red, and one yellow—breaking them apart, shaking up the pieces, and throwing them on the floor. The pieces are not in order, and they fall randomly. The final yellow piece to snap into place might be smack in the middle of the mess. The beginning blue piece might …

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Mystic River

Alrighty, I’ll readily admit that I’ve been sitting on this review for awhile. I saw Mystic River several months ago, and since then have had pounded into me the excessive praise by critics all across America for this Clint Eastwood-directed drama. Now with heaps of Oscar nominations on its resume, I feel that I at …

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Gangster Squad

The Hollywood(land) sign in the Hollywood hills is as iconic in the movies as it is in real life. Gangster Squad opens up with a, well, memorable scene with the ubiquitous sign as the backdrop: A man gets halved—not quartered, mind you… HALVED—by being pulled apart between two cars. NICE, that gangster Mickey Cohen! The …

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