The Seventh Dwarf

Year: 2015

Year: PG

Princess Rose (Sleeping Beauty) has spent her life trying to escape the curse of an evil witch which dooms her to prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel and fall into a hundred year slumber. Her whole life revolves around avoiding this fate, and just when it looks as though she’s in the clear, the worst happens. At a birthday celebration attended by Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs, the youngest dwarf, Bobo, trips over his shoelace and pricks Rose with the cursed needle. She falls fast asleep, and the kingdom falls into a panic.

Determined to set things right, Bobo and the other dwarfs set out to find Rose’s true love, Jack. Refreshingly, Jack and Rose have actually met and are genuinely fond of one another. His kiss will break the curse and awaken the Sleeping Beauty. Along the way, this troupe of underdogs joins forces with a not-so-scary fire breathing dragon for a journey fraught with danger and song. It’s a little messier than your average fairy tale, but it proves that even the littlest dwarf can be a hero. Parents may grow weary of the sudden musical numbers, but The Seventh Dwarf will appeal to children while instilling a positive message about friendship, cooperation, and responsibility.


Bonus features include character profiles, sing-alongs, and a downloadable royal birthday invitation.  

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