A Week in the Life of a Man (Tydzien Z Zycia Mezczyzny)

Year: 1999

Year: NR

As a director, Jerzy Stuhr’s work will probably always have the shadow of a certain influence… a man who he worked with several times in his long acting career. When you direct a movie, the first question you don’t want to hear from an audience member after the film is, “So, what was it like working with Krzysztof Kieslowski? Obviously his style influenced yours.” Obviously… it’s true.

A Week in the Life of a Man play like a missing segment of Kieslowski’s beloved Dekalog series of short films. Jerzy Stuhr stars as a man whose has a career in law, but lives his personal life bending his own moral rules. A quiet, and sometimes funny drama, the film, like so much of the excellent Polish school of cinema, is extremely well-acted.

But A Week in the Life is literally that. As the days of the week progress, you start to feel like you do at work, “Is it really only Wednesday? It seems like this week is going soooo slooowly…”

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