Anita Takes a Chance (Anita no perd el tren)

A sweet little comedy/drama, that is ultimately kinda boring, Anita Takes a Chance is pretty much a showcase for the Spanish actress Rosa Maria Sardà.
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Genre(s): Comedy, Drama

Director: Ventura Pons

Actors: Rosa Maria Sardà, Isak Férriz, Jade Pradas

Year: 2001

MPAA Rating: NR

Country: Spanish

I think Rosa Maria Sardà has been in perhaps every Spanish movie ever made in recent years, probably most visibly in Pedro Almodovar’s All About My Mother, playing Penelope Cruz’s mom. But this is the first time I’ve seen her as the main character, and not in a supporting role.

Anita, a widow, has worked at a cinema for 34 years, but finds the theater razed when she comes home from vacation. Ooops, the boss forgot to tell her. So she goes to the construction site daily, out of routine, and a bit of boredom, until the workers take notice, particularly a handsome, and younger, bulldozer driver. Should she take a chance on an affair? Well, of course she does, otherwise there’d be no spice!

There is really nothing wrong with this flick, except Sardà’s wink-at-the-camera delivery starts to wear after a while. Anita Takes a Chance is a pleasant, if forgettable film.


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