Buddy movie


In the realm of movie plots, Keanu is definitely one of your more random options. The film centers around a ridiculously adorable kitten who originally belonged to a Los Angeles drug lord. During an incident known as the Diaz Church Massacre, Keanu flees, ultimately winding up on the doorstep of Rell Williams (Jordan Peele). Having …

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Wild Hogs

Strangely enough, though, I didn’t find it nearly as painful or tragically mangled as either of its aforementioned predecessors on my screening schedule. Comparatively speaking, it wasn’t terrible. Oh, it’s fully lame and filled with the kind of humor that you can only produce when you’re writing by committee (“let’s have a guy slam face …

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22 Jump Street

It’s just as clever, just as bro-tastic, just as wink-at-the-audience meta and just as funny as its predecessor… even though, as it outright acknowledges, it’s essentially just the same movie all over again, only with a bigger budget and more outrageousness. This time, a massive smuggling sting gone horribly awry demotes undercover police partners Jenko …

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