The Meg

Jason Statham, with his tiny face and outrageously broad shoulders, is some sort of brilliant deep-sea rescuer. He, of course, has a troubled past—a submarine rescue went wrong, and he had to leave two of his besties behind to die. Well, actually, he had to close the hatch on them because the side of the …

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Jurassic World

Proving that those who do not learn from history will continue to repeat it as long as moviegoers are willing to shell out money, Jurassic World delivers is an action-heavy, plot-deficient spectacle that features more foolish humans learning the hard way that manipulating nature and hatching dinosaurs is a very, very, very bad idea. This …

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Godzilla (2014)

When my most-anticipated sci-fi re-imagined remake of the summer proved to be a dud (sorry, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, you kind of sucked), I understandably wasn’t rushing to plunk down good money for the other old-but-new marquee name at the multiplex: Godzilla. I wasn’t sure why, yet again, this film was being …

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Planet Dinosaur

In this BBC series, we meet such critters as Spinosaurus, the largest dinosaur predator ever to have walked the Earth. With his spiny back and strong jaws, Spinosaurus was 17 long meters (bigger than T. Rex!). Spiniosaurus dips his crocodile-like snout into a river and grabs an unsuspecting swordfish, which would be a scary beastie …

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