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When recounting how his vivacious, chatty toddler suddenly changed, father Ron Suskind remembers, “All of a sudden, at 3 years old, Owen vanishes. The doctor says, ‘Let me explain what autism is…’” It is a parent’s worst nightmare, finding out that your child is disabled, and grappling with the knowledge that your kid may never …

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Kelly & Cal

Moving to a new town or having a baby are both life-changing events, but doing them both in quick succession can be pretty discombobulating. For Kelly (Juliette Lewis), enduring this transition is only made more difficult by the fact that her husband and his family fail to acknowledge that she faces a challenge. Day after …

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Dolphin Tale 2

Dolphin Tale was a surprise hit family film with a heartwarming true story of an injured dolphin named Winter that finds a new lease on life with a prosthetic tale. If you doubted the story for a second, the closing credits had heartwarming real footage of amputees and other differently-abled folks meeting the inspiring animal …

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Dolphin Tale

A lonely boy finds an injured dolphin on the beach. She is horribly tangled and bleeding, caught in a rope that holds a crab pot. She has given up, and is waiting for death. An animal rescue agency picks up the injured dolphin, but her injuries are so severe that her condition is hit-or-miss. Her …

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