Land (2021)

Land (2021)

While visiting friends in the rural area around Missoula, Montana, I heard about what the locals termed “mountain bachelors”. These were guys who purposely had fallen off the grid, often due to trauma (like Vietnam vets, for instance), living up in a remote cabin away from society. They’d emerge every now and then to check …

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NATURE: Owl Power

Though the theme of this NATURE special—owls and their “superpowers”—sounds a little cheesy at the start, by the end of this informative hour, you’ll be convinced that owls are a special sort of bird-kingdom badass. For instance, you knew that owls can pretty much turn their heads all the way around (specifically, an amazing 270 …

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Wild Pacific

The BBC continues its great nature series BBC Earth that was spawned by the monstrous success of the excellent Planet Earth. This time around, they zoom in their focus a bit with Wild Pacific. Living on the Pacific myself, I expected an all expansive Asia to North America to South America to Australia covers, but …

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Into the Wild

Director Sean Penn delivers a thoughtful, somber, enlightening and occasionally exuberant drama with his big-screen adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s book of the same name, which tells the true story of a wealthy kid who goes all Kerouac and tries to live off the harsh Alaskan land. With a stirring lead performance by Emile Hirsch, this …

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Told in flashbacks and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (Dallas Buyers Club), Wild tells the true story of Strayed’s 1995 solo trek along 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. An inexperienced hiker whose life is in a drug-fuelled spiral after the death of her beloved mother (Laura Dern) and subsequent divorce from her husband (The …

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There’s a thin line between cute and cutesy. The Disneynature film Bears wobbles on the line of being aimed squarely at tots, while being entertaining for anyone over the age of five. Lucky for the filmmakers, they have the advantage of stunning photography and truly impressive beastliness to keep even the jaded interested. It’s as …

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