Sex Comedy

The Overnight

Set in Los Angeles, the film centers on Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling), a newly-transplanted-from-Seattle husband and wife who, along with their young son, are trying to adjust to life in their new home. A chance encounter at a local park introduces the pair to Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), a colorful, whimsical and hugely …

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Thanks to her father (Colin Quinn), Amy (Amy Schumer) has spent almost her entire life believing that monogamy is for suckers. He basically sat her down and told her as much, left her mother, and proceeded to lead a self-centered life of screwing around. Somehow Amy’s sister, Kim (Brie Larson), came away with the opposite …

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Sex Tape

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel co-star as Annie and Jay, a once-sex-crazed couple who have settled into the everyday (and comparatively chaste) routine of married life and parenthood. In a misguided bid to reignite the passion in their relationship, they decide to shoot themselves performing every page’s worth of positions from The Joy of Sex. …

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Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt can seem to do no wrong these days. He successfully navigated the tricky waters from child star to adult actor, without the industry chewing him up and spitting him out in a puff of cocaine. Seemingly adored by all (including myself), he can pretty much do whatever he wants, from acting to writing …

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Delivery Man

Delivery Man is one of those movies that pushes all of the right buttons when you’re watching in a dark theater with a bucket of popcorn in your lap. It works on a surface level and gives you the impression of an entertaining experience. I even teared up a couple of times, right when I …

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Unhung Hero

Imagine proposing to your girlfriend at a sporting event and having her stare at you in shock, then shake her head and walk away. This unfolds on the Jumbotron for all to see and quickly becomes a novelty news story and goes viral on YouTube. Now imagine that your girlfriend explains that the reason for …

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