Night Train

Despite the fact that I flat-out couldn’t finish The Polar Express and have no idea how it ends, I feel like Night Train would make a perfect sequel.  It’s a creepy, Christmasy tale set entirely on a train, and the low-budget sets give you the impression that you’re watching some sort of live-action/animation hybrid.  Once …

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Woody Harrelson, doing his best “aw-shucks” American persona, and Emily Mortimer (flawlessly hiding her British accent) play Roy and Jessie, a married American couple returning home from a save-the-children volunteer stint in Beijing. They’ve decided to take the long way home, across the Asian continent on the Trans-Siberian Railway. They seem super-nice, the perfect couple …

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My friend and I, I’m sure, were the only people at the Unstoppable screening who high-fived each other in excitement at the mention of a train full of Molten Phenol. You may not know this, dear readers, but I have a “real” job that pays the bills. Long story short, a movie about a train …

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