Table 19

Somehow I decided that Table 19 was going to be a broad, slapstick comedy along the lines of Office Christmas Party. This assumption had no basis in reality, but it didn’t leave me especially excited for the movie. When I finally got around to watching it, I was pleasantly surprised at its wry, irreverent tone. …

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27 Dresses

27 Dresses taps current Hollywood It Girl Katherine Heigl to star as Jane, a perpetual bridesmaid, who lurrrrrrrrrrrrrves weddings and has been in a whopping 27 ceremonies. But Jane’s so busy helping everyone else with their special days that she completely forgets to get a personal life of her own, choosing instead to while away …

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The Wedding Weekend

We’ve all experienced peak moments in our lives, moments when we find ourselves in a place we never thought we’d be and suddenly it seems as though the sky’s the limit…And then real life intervenes, looks shabby and disappointing in comparison, and we’re left looking back on that one perfect experience with a combination of …

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As anyone who’s read my reviews before knows, I’m generally not a fan of frat-boy humor. With rare exceptions, I don’t think gross-out jokes are funny, I don’t get a kick out of potty mouth and I think “blue” is a lovely color for a wall, but a very lazy shade of comedy. As such, …

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April’s Shower

The fact that April’s Shower, a tedious, middling “romantic comedy,” not only made the cut for this year’s Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, but was featured as a centerpiece (i.e. the token girl-movie showcase) shows what a crappy year it is for lesbian cinema. I was ready to give up after my eyeballs rolled across …

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