Table 19

Somehow I decided that Table 19 was going to be a broad, slapstick comedy along the lines of Office Christmas Party. This assumption had no basis in reality, but it didn’t leave me especially excited for the movie. When I finally got around to watching it, I was pleasantly surprised at its wry, irreverent tone. …

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27 Dresses

27 Dresses taps current Hollywood It Girl Katherine Heigl to star as Jane, a perpetual bridesmaid, who lurrrrrrrrrrrrrves weddings and has been in a whopping 27 ceremonies. But Jane’s so busy helping everyone else with their special days that she completely forgets to get a personal life of her own, choosing instead to while away …

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As anyone who’s read my reviews before knows, I’m generally not a fan of frat-boy humor. With rare exceptions, I don’t think gross-out jokes are funny, I don’t get a kick out of potty mouth and I think “blue” is a lovely color for a wall, but a very lazy shade of comedy. As such, …

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