Looking: The Complete Series and The Movie

Gay audiences are always craving the one true gay show or movie that all can embrace. Gay audiences are also hyper-critical of the crumbs of LGBT movies and television because (frankly) they usually suck. Usually the folks portrayed are white people, usually white boys, and usually urban. They party, they take drugs, they sleep around, …

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James Franco plays, a well meaning English teacher named Jake Epping who feels a little stuck in the mud. His students play with their cells phones during his lectures, and his wife is bringing him divorce papers to sign later that day. Not only that, but his favorite greasy-spoon diner is shutting down, seems the …

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The Hunger: The Complete First Season

Besides its name (and Tony and Ridley Scott as producers) the short-lived erotic horror anthology series The Hunger didn’t have much in common with the classic Bowie/Deneuve/Sarandon soft-porn vampire classic film of the same name. However, it sure had an interesting idea, and though the quality of the episodes is erratic, there are definitely some …

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