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The Event (2003)

Now, one of the things I love about going to film festivals is seeing movies “cold”… i.e. glancing over the schedule, eyeing the cast of a film, for instance, and circling it, saying to yourself, “Say, Parker Posey is a funny gal… I think I’ll see this one!” But man oh man, I don’t think …

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Diane Lane, in a Golden Globe-nominated performance, plays Connie, a suburban housewife who has a perfectly nice home, a perfectly nice son, and most importantly, a perfectly nice marriage with Edward (Richard Gere), her husband of 11 years. But one fatefully windy day when she is in the city, she is literally blown into the …

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Friends and Family

Stephen (Greg Lauren) and Danny (Christopher Gartin) are a totally open gay couple who met while they were both Army Rangers. (Isn’t that where true love usually happens?) Anyway, after leaving the Army, the natural progression was to become enforcers/bodyguards for Victor Patrizzi (Tony Lo Bianco), the head of a New York mafia family. The …

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All Over the Guy

Modern gay romantic comedies seem to walk a thin line between pretty good (but not great) and utter crap. And unfortunately most of them are crap. That’s true, of course, of mainstream straight romances, too, but you don’t see mainstream audiences heaping support and praise all over garbage in the genre, regardless of quality. On …

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