Red Eye (2005)

Rachel McAdams is awesome and Cillian Murphy should wear a bag on his head.
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Genre(s): Thriller

Director: Wes Craven

Actors: Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox, Jayma Mays

Year: 2005

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Country: USA

Cillian Murphy is so creepy looking that I’m inclined to say that he should be made to wear a bag over his head, but Batman Begins proved that the bag was an even worse idea. Only he would find an old burlap sack with maggots wriggling all over it when we meant something civilized, like a nice shopping bag from The Gap. He is easily one of the most disturbing, despicable villains in movie history, and Red Eye further demonstrates his skills.

I just have to say, I do NOT approve of what Cillian does to cute little Rachel McAdams in this movie. I’ve seen her in three movies this week completely by accident, and I’m starting to get attached. She has the ideal amount of spunk and vulnerability for a heroine, so I took personal offense when Cillian started messing with her.

As Red Eye begins, we see that Lisa Reisert (McAdams) is an efficient, good hearted hotel manager who spreads herself equally between work and family. As she heads out of town to attend her grandmother’s funeral, she balances phone calls from a co-worker (Jayma Mays) and her father (Brian Cox) with grace and ease. She’s the kind of girl who’s there for everyone, even in the midst of her own crises. Because of this, it’s especially repulsive when Jack Rippner (Murphy) starts hitting on her at the airport. You want to scream at the screen when she sits down with him for a drink, and when they wind up seated next to each other on the plane, you just want to gag. This can’t be good.

It’s true. There’s nothing good about Jack Rippner, and he’s had his eye on Lisa for awhile. After a bit of weird chit-chat, he tells her she must use her managerial pull to move one of her VIPs (Jack Scalia) to a different room at the hotel. This will create the gap in security that Jack’s hitmen need to assassinate the VIP. If Lisa doesn’t follow through, her father will be killed by a man who’s watching his house and waiting for the go-ahead. She knows Jack means business because he’s already got her dad’s wallet. Oh crap.

We then watch as Lisa uses her wits to outsmart Jack and save the day. At first he thwarts all of her efforts. He even corners her in the plane’s bathroom, causing everyone to think they’ve become members of the Mile High Club. Ewwww! But Lisa’s stronger than Jack anticipates. She’s been attacked before, and she’s never ever going to be victimized again.

You can’t help rooting for Lisa and her quick thinking, and Red Eye is truly a nail biting, edge-of-your-seat thriller. I won’t tell you how she does it, but Lisa does manage to kick Jack’s ass—probably because Rachel McAdams is awesome and Cillian Murphy should wear a bag on his head.


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