Civil War


In the trailer for Harriet, there is a tease of a visually arresting climactic scene showing abolitionist Harriet Tubman (Cynthia Erivo) cocking a rifle and firmly ordering, “Ready?” to the Union soldiers she is commandeering. On signal, hundreds of slaves flee from the woods toward them on the river, toward the ironclad warships that will …

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Mercy Street

The premise of the show is truly interesting, and should be ripe for an excellent drama, if in the right hands. It’s 1862 Alexandria, Virginia, which is smack on the border of North and South. Mansion House, a former hotel owned by the proudly Southern Green family (led by patriarch Gary Cole), has been co-opted …

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Love and Valor: One Couple’s Intimate Civil War Letters

There are many enduring images of the Civil War–the siege of Vicksburg, Sherman’s burning of Atlanta and his destructive march to the sea, the sickness and starvation, the pillaging of farms by soldiers, the runaway slaves looking for protection, and the brotherly comraderie between the two sides when night fell and they lay down their …

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You need get no further than the opening scene in Lincoln to see a Spielbergism. Abe Lincoln sits on a throne of a chair, on a platform at a battlefield, not-subtly evoking the pose of the famous statue at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Two sets of soldiers come up to Lincoln, the first …

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