Disaster flicks


Skyscraper is one of those movies where bad guys threaten to burn down a 200+ story super-skyscraper just to steal a thumb drive (ever hear of backing up more than one copy?). It’s also a movie that despite the futuristic high-techniness of the building (foolproof fire system, off-site security headquarters, magnetic elevators, a huge wind …

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Now I love me a good disaster movie. What I kinda love more than a good disaster movie is a good-BAD disaster movie. Those are the ones with a certain amount of earnestness, as a usually decent actor (usually an appealing, rugged, All-American type) struggles to rise above a script that comes second to the …

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The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour

Global warming isn’t funny. I’ve known this since elementary school, and have always been conscious about recycling, driving a fuel efficient car, etc. Even so, the trailer for The 11th Hour cracked me up. The flashing images of environmental disasters made me feel like I was watching a bad progressive rock video or some lame …

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Parts Per Billion

With a poster that suggests disaster and mayhem, Parts Per Billion is actually an intimate drama more concerned with relationships than the outside world. But considering that the whole point is that the outside world is going to hell in a handbasket, you’d think that would play a bigger role in what is going on. …

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