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There is a scene in Wildlife that surprises with its quiet fury. A teenage boy (Ed Oxenbould) is brought to the edge of a wildfire that his father has left home to fight. Joe’s mother Jeanette (Carey Mulligan) is furious that her husband Jerry (Jake Gyllenhaal) has taken such a risky job for low pay. …

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In the opening scene of Demolition, we are witness to a young white married couple having a relatively benign commute to work in New York City. The topic of a broken refrigerator represents unspoken tension between the man and wife, but before even that comes to a boil, the car is struck in a horrific …

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Jake Gyllenhaal, from the moment he is on screen, is fantastically riveting. I won’t say he is unrecognizable in his role as Lou Bloom, a conscience-free opportunist with a shocking lack of moral compass. Physically, he is the handsome Jake we know and love, with his sly smile and eyes so wide with enthusiasm that …

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First of all, if you come from a military family, try to pay attention to the movie and avoid drawing any random parallels to your own life and experiences. I did this the whole way through the movie, which is ultimately what the filmmakers want. I’m not saying that I melted into a puddle of …

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Prisoners is a slow-burn thriller–think the pacing of Zodiac, also starring Jake Gyllenhaal–which takes us into the lives of two families affected by a horrific crime: the kidnapping of their young daughters. As neighbors, the Kellers and Birches gather for a low-key Thanksgiving dinner. Their two youngest children ask to run to the other house …

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David Fincher’s Zodiac is a curious film. An extremely earnest recounting of the serial killer murders in the Bay Area in the late 60s and early 70s, the film is chock full of facts, names, and events that I can only assume are as true to life as possible. Running over two and a half …

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