Using a curious, sometimes wobbly, sometimes fascinatingly cool mix of fiction and documentary, National Geographic’s series Mars presents a space drama supported by the historical science that made it all possible. But this history, as presented in the show, is actually the present… and the examples and interviews shown are real people doing real things… …

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The Martian

If you ever thought that after high school there was no practical use for algebra, like EVER… well, just be glad that you aren’t stuck on Mars without a ride home! Matt Damon, aka astronaut Mark Watney, is in just such a situation. And he is a BOTANIST, fer cryin’ out loud. I’ll bet he …

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John Carter

I’m not usually a huge sci-fi fan, but something about John Carter looked like fun from the get-go.  Indeed, the movie gets off to a rollicking start as Carter (Taylor Kitsch) entrusts his fortune and his tomb to his young nephew, Ned (Daryl Sabara).  He leaves behind a journal outlining his posthumous wishes and detailing …

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Red Planet

TIM: I should have known, going in, that any movie with Val Kilmer should be killed before release. There was soooo much hype about this movie that you had little chance of avoiding it. But once you’re sitting in your chair, screaming for it to end, you are bludgeoned with the complete lack of story …

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