Get On Up

Unfolding in a not-entirely-successful, sort-of-confusing, non-linear fashion crafted by director Tate Taylor (The Help), Get On Up tracks Brown’s rise to fame, from his turbulent childhood and abandonment by his mother (Viola Davis), to his early days alongside longtime friend and collaborator Bobby Byrd (Nelsan Ellis, True Blood), his eventual ascension to worldwide fame and …

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The two main characters of Once are never named. The “guy” (played by Glen Hansard) is a street busker in Dublin. He is kind of down on his luck, and is licking his wounds from a broken heart. But the guy is passionate about singing (his guitar even had a hole in it that looks …

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Adam Goldberg plays Adrian, an Adam Goldberg-type… you know, he is scowly, moody, full of disdain for humanity in general, and explodes with rat-tat-tat verbosity about how he is obviously the smartest one in the room. In a word, he is a pretentious ultra-urban snob. This time he is a musician that makes such edgy …

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