Life Itself

Remember when that certain type of commercial first debuted a dozen or so years ago? It would have a thoughtful yet warm voice over, shots of regular people doing regular things. Maybe one was lonely, one was giving birth, one had aching joints, and another had a long shift doing an honest day’s work. But …

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Charlize Theron stars as Marlo, the aforementioned beleaguered, desperately-seeking-sleep mom, who’s just given birth to child #3 and is about ready to snap due to the mounting pressures of child-rearing – especially when it comes to her young son (Asher Miles Fallica) with behavioral issues – and her increasingly inert relationship with her fairly useless …

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Juno is just the type of hipster, slangy comedy that will be a huge cult hit and inevitably get a backlash as it gets more and more adored (see Napoleon Dynamite). These kinds of films come along so rarely, that I’m happy to wholeheartedly embrace it, even though I’m sure that I (along with everyone …

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When high school science teacher Samantha Abbott (Cobie Smulders) discovers she’s pregnant, the news doesn’t exactly inspire celebration. The timing is completely random and Samantha isn’t particularly settled in her life. The school where she teaches will close at the end of the year, and she’ll need to find a new job. She’s barely begun …

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Baby on Board

Angela (Heather Graham) and Curtis (Jerry O’Connell) are an up-and-coming young couple who have spent most of their married life focused on their careers. Curtis is a successful (if amoral) divorce lawyer, and Angela has just pitched a new perfume for pregnant women to her scary battle-axe of a boss (Lara Flynn Boyle). Parenthood is …

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