Robert DeNiro

Taxi Driver

Would Martin Scorsese put a hit on me if I said I didn’t like Taxi Driver? ‘Cause he sure looked miffed when he didn’t win the Oscar this year. Maybe I should see if any Academy members have recently had their kneecaps broken before I proceed, because never in my life have I heard anyone …

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Joy (2015)

This biopic of Miracle Mop creator Joy Mangano stars Jennifer Lawrence as the titular single mom, who’s struggling to make ends meet while caring for her kids, her ex (Édgar Ramirez) and her divorced parents (Robert De Niro, Virginia Madsen), who all live in the same dilapidated house and whose volatile relationships do little to …

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Wag the Dog

Wag the Dog is one of those films that will probably have cyclical relevance through the years, depending on who is in the Oval Office. There will be years that the premise will seem outlandish, and other times (like during Dubya’s reign) where it will seem like non-fiction, inducing queasy, uncomfortable laughter from the audience. …

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Heat begins with a love scene between Al Pacino and Diane Venora so steamy that it makes me weak in the knees just to think about it. I can’t believe she got paid to be kissed like that by him! Vincent Hanna (Pacino) is not only a good kisser, he’s a dedicated police lieutenant who …

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The Family

The movie begins with the Manzoni family relocating to a small town in France through the Witness Protection Program. They’re all a bit bored and jaded, and it’s clear that their mafia ties have made these moves a familiar occurrence. They adopt their new identities with an eye-rolling sense of, “Who are we this time? …

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Last Vegas

For no particular reason, I had it in my head that Last Vegas was about four veteran actors knocking over a Vegas casino. I understood their characters to be former tough guys from New York, childhood best friends who reunite for one last hurrah. In my head, that last hurrah would pretty much be a …

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