The Blind Side

This is one of those stories that would be cloying and eyeball-rolling if it were not true (or at least we’re told it is true). A hulking practically mute teenage African-American kid who is poor and homeless is adopted into the folk of a wealthy white family. The kid is pulled up by his academic …

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Here Comes the Boom

James stars as high-school biology teacher Scott Voss, whose apathy towards his job and his students is rivaled only by his lack of desire to do much of anything else with his life. But when his school’s asshat principal (Greg Germann) decides to can the music program – and, by default, its dedicated, passionate teacher, …

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Going for Gold

Considering that the 2012 London Summer Olympics cost $13 billion to produce (!), imagine a city trying to throw an Olympic party a couple years after a war? That was the situation when London agreed to host the first post-WWII Olympics in 1948, while rubble from repeated bombings was still piled in the city’s streets. …

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Chariots of Fire

Though Chariots of Fire won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1981, it is one of those winners that probably would have slowly faded into film history as a good, but not great film. But unlike many Oscar films past, Chariots truly made a mark on pop culture with its memorable, award-winning, and inescapable hit …

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Air Bud

I’ve been mocked wholeheartedly for enjoying (despite my initial resistance) Snow Buddies, which is one of the many straight-to-video sequels spawned by this original Disney hit. “Come on!” I want to argue… “No one’s getting hurt! These movies are harmless! Put your rolling eyeballs back in your head, and leave me alone with my sappy …

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