When Calls the Heart: Troubled Hearts

Year: 2016

Year: NR

When Calls the Heart: Troubled Hearts finds change afoot in Hope Valley, but if we’ve learned anything from watching When Calls the Heart it’s that change in Hope Valley has an uncanny ability to make things stay the same. The most notable development is Elizabeth’s move to her own row house. She surprises Jack with the news, sending him into yet another tailspin of doubt and anxiety. As it turns out, he had planned to build a home for the two of them. Of course neither he nor Elizabeth thought to communicate their plans to one another, leaving them out of sync once again. Tenuous date nights follow, wherein they attempt to convince themselves that their relationship is viable in spite of its constant failings.

Meanwhile there’s trouble in Abigail’s kitchen. First she learns that a disagreeable businessman has bought a stake in her restaurant, a wholly unworkable situation she sees no way to avoid…unless Abigail has an ally she’s forgotten about. Then, Jesse, the young man who works for her digs up an old Wanted poster featuring none other than Pastor Frank. He plans to extort the pastor, and manages to stir up enough trouble to cost Pastor Frank his position. It’s up to the citizens of Hope Valley to stand up for what’s right, but you can bet it will take them til the last minute.

There are few surprises when it comes to the world of When Calls the Heart, but there’s something reassuring about its consistency. Hope Valley’s residents are always a little too slow to say the obvious and they’re generally a little less kind than you would expect. However, visiting their slow-paced community with its various trials is weirdly comforting every time. 


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