The Muppets

It’s as good as it looks and, more importantly, even better than you hope it’ll be. Like the kooky, colorful characters at its core, it’s simultaneously sweet, funny, silly, sentimental and totally huggable. Combining nostalgia, goofy humor and clever meta-esque asides, the film finds Muppet-superfan brothers Gary (Jason Segel) and Walter embarking on a trip …

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Turbo (née Theo and voiced by Ryan Reynolds) is a snail with a dream: he wants to be fast. So fast that he might stand shoulder to shell with his idol, formidable French-Canadian Formula 1 racer Guy Gagné (voiced by Bill Hader). But Turbo’s garden-variety life and naysaying older brother, Chet (voiced by Paul Giamatti), …

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

This time around, youngest Pevensie siblings Lucy (Georgie Healey) and Edmund (Skandar Keynes) find themselves transported from WWII-era London to Narnia, with their obnoxious cousin, Eustace (Will Poulter), in tow. They splash down in the sea and are promptly plucked from their plight by Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes, who’s thankfully dropped the unconvincing, fake Spanish …

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The Avengers

Director Joss Whedon brings his trademark smarts and the sass – honed on iconic TV series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly – to this long-awaited big-screen teaming of some of cinema’s most recent superhero subjects, and the result is 2+ hours of big, boisterous summer-movie entertainment that’s likely to satisfy die-hard comic fans …

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Speed Racer

Speed Racer may just be this generation’s new Tron. No… wait… I take that back. Tron, though notably a kind of stinky movie, was still certainly a memorable film for its time and is worth an occasional revisit. And over the years, Tron, despite its flaws, grew in cult status as a sort of video …

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