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3 Needles

It is hard to disparage a “message movie”, especially one with a topic as important as the worldwide AIDS epidemic. 3 Needlespresents three thought-provoking tales (that don’t overlap, except for their AIDS theme) tackling the epidemic. The stories span three continents, but are united in that they contain complicated, morally questionable actions by their characters—actions …

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If 1980s Kim Basinger were kidnapped and locked in an attic with nothing but a broken phone to save her, she most certainly would have spent the duration of that movie skittering around the room and letting out startled screams. Like a confused chihuahua, 80s Kim would never have thought to rub those frayed wires …

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Let me get a few things out of the way before delving into my review of Twilight… Yes, I read the book and enjoyed it. Yes, I read the rest of the series of books, and New Moon was my favorite. (Go, Team Jacob! And I’m not talking about the baby-faced actor Taylor Lautner!) And …

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