I Smile Back

Sarah Silverman makes her dramatic-lead debut – and does a decent but not outstanding job – in this paint-by-numbers story of a wife and mother trying to hide her drug and alcohol addiction from her family. Unfortunately, Silverman never really seems connected to the character or the material, and much of her character’s behavior in …

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28 Days

I know I said I would watch Viggo Mortensen muck out stalls in my Hidalgo review, but I never quite factored Sandra Bullock into the deal. It’s like being duped by a tricky genie who grants your wish, but throws in a surprise—”Ha-ha! You forgot to say that Sandra couldn’t be there, smartypants!” Okay, okay, …

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Crazy Heart

Greasy, sweaty, drunk and seeming like he’d probably reek of whiskey, cigarettes and B.O., Bad Blake (Bridges) is a once-lauded country-music star who’s so far down on his luck that hitting bottom might be considered a step up. Barely able to get through a set, he unenthusiastically plays hole-in-the-wall bars and bowling alleys in hole-in-the-wall …

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There I was, chewing a mouthful of dinner, when I was transported back to the early 80’s. It was the AFI 100 Years 100 Songs special that did it—song #79, “Arthur’s Theme” by Christopher Cross. I whipped my head around and my heart melted: there was my beloved Dudley Moore. I hadn’t thought about Dudley …

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