Love the Coopers

The Coopers, we are told through a nameless, relentless narrator, are an extended dysfunctional family clan, all trying to come together for Christmas dinner in snowy Pennsylvania. The parental hosts are Charlotte and Sam (Diane Keaton and John Goodman, a surprising and kind of strange pair, who struggle to make the most of a crappy …

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Lost Christmas

If Christmas Angel and Lost Christmas are any indication, the Brits have a slightly different take on Christmas movies than Americans. They seem to embrace the “everybody dies” school of movie-making and then work their way back to a happy ending from there. There’s nothing wrong with this style, per se, but for viewers accustomed …

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Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws

Now, call me a freak, but I kind of enjoy the Buddies series of movies. You know, these straight-to-video spawn of Air Bud family flicks that follow the doggy family of Buddies… those crazy golden retriever pups—B-Dawg (with his hip-hop speak), food-loving Budderball, Buddha (“Namaste!”), Rosebud (the only girl of the bunch), and the unclean …

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