Last Christmas

Blessed with two fabulous leads – who have stellar chemistry with each other – and a screenplay co-penned by Oscar-winner Emma Thompson, Last Christmas is a movie made for people who love Christmas movies. And it’s a thousand times better than anything Hallmark’s made-for-TV machine will ever crank out. Emilia Clark stars as Kate, a …

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Stick Man

Stick Man, as you might imagine, is an actual stick who lives in a tree with his stick wife and two stick children. They share meals, play outside, and celebrate holidays like any other family. The only difference is that they have to go back to being plain old inanimate sticks any time a person …

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Lost Christmas

If Christmas Angel and Lost Christmas are any indication, the Brits have a slightly different take on Christmas movies than Americans. They seem to embrace the “everybody dies” school of movie-making and then work their way back to a happy ending from there. There’s nothing wrong with this style, per se, but for viewers accustomed …

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