Love and Monsters

Joel (Dylan O’Brien) was 17 when an asteroid smashed into Earth, causing various species to mutate and decimate most of the human race. His high school sweetheart, Aimee (Jessica Henwick), fled with her parents, his own parents died, and every expectation of a normal life went out the window. Years that would have been devoted …

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Years and Years

If it didn’t already mirror real life, there would be something kind of brilliant about a brash new-to-politics B-grade celebrity rising to power based on her penchant to speak her mind. [Viv Rook (Emma Thompson) even ends up naming her party the Four Star **** party, based on the bleeping of her f-bombs on live …

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A Quiet Place

With minimal exposition, and even less sound, we meet a lone family in a mysteriously post-apocalyptic world. They are seemingly alone in a small town, with pillaged corner stores and abandoned cars. It is clear right away that they need to be very very quiet. They walk with bare feet, on a path of smooth …

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Blade Runner 2049

It is 30 years after the setting of Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking sci-fi classic Blade Runner. Ryan Gosling play the titular role as even more of a blank slate than Harrison Ford’s original officer/replicant assassin. Gosling, known only as K (the beginning of his own serial number) is of a new breed of replicants (manufactured humans) …

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The Quiet Earth

At the beginning, a man (Bruno Lawrence) wakes up splayed naked on a bed. He’s groggy, soaked in sweat, and disoriented. It is a startling opening shot, full frontal and everything. He is not really vulnerable, he is just… there. You are not really sure what his deal is. It might just seem like a …

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