A Quiet Place

With minimal exposition, and even less sound, we meet a lone family in a mysteriously post-apocalyptic world. They are seemingly alone in a small town, with pillaged corner stores and abandoned cars. It is clear right away that they need to be very very quiet. They walk with bare feet, on a path of smooth …

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Blade Runner 2049

It is 30 years after the setting of Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking sci-fi classic Blade Runner. Ryan Gosling play the titular role as even more of a blank slate than Harrison Ford’s original officer/replicant assassin. Gosling, known only as K (the beginning of his own serial number) is of a new breed of replicants (manufactured humans) …

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The Quiet Earth

At the beginning, a man (Bruno Lawrence) wakes up splayed naked on a bed. He’s groggy, soaked in sweat, and disoriented. It is a startling opening shot, full frontal and everything. He is not really vulnerable, he is just… there. You are not really sure what his deal is. It might just seem like a …

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