The Night House

The Night House

Beth (Rebecca Hall) is a grieving woman. We meet her, dressed in black, being dropped off at her house by a friend who earnestly hands her a casserole dish. As soon as Beth is in the house, she dumps the casserole in the trash and cracks open a bottle. The Night House takes its time …

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Personal Shopper

French director Olivier Assayas and American actress Kristen Stewart are a seemingly unconventional pairing who meld surprisingly well together in their director/actor partnership. Assayas brought out some of Stewart’s best work (and she has done some really good films and roles lately) in her C├ęsar Award-winning role in Clouds of Sils Maria as the assistant …

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I was thirteen when Ghost came out, and I was swiftly caught up in the romance of the movie. I listened to “Unchained Melody” about five thousand times, and watched every cast interview and every making-of featurette I could find. I didn’t even see the movie until it was released on video, and after all …

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The Returned (Les revenants): Season One

As horror goes through its cyclical phases (vampires! witches! plagues!), the theme of zombies keeps returning like the pesky undead that they are. We are used to seeing them rotting and staggering, rotting and running, and definitely always frighteningly bitey. But what if the dead just returned, looking just like they did when you remembered …

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The Conjuring infographic explains elements of a Warren case

To celebrate the release of the horror hit The Conjuring on October 22nd on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD, Warner Bros. offers this handy infographic illustrating the Elements of a Warren Case. Apparently 36% of people would not object to objects levitating in their homes, but would they object to someone playing the clapping game …

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Whispering Corridors (Yeogo goedam)

Whispering Corridors begins with a teacher, Mrs. Park, staying after-hours at her girls’ high school to do a little personal research. She pulls old yearbooks off the shelf one by one, flipping through them, looking appropriately horrified at something she’s discovered. A frightening phone call later, she hears a mysterious sound comes from the hallway… …

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