James Franco

Why Him?

If you watched the trailer and thought, “OMG dude, that looks hiLARious and awesome!”, you’ll probably really, really enjoy the movie. If, like me, you watched the trailer and cringed, thinking Why Him? looks like yet another painful exercise in frat-boy humor and something Bryan Cranston may want to scrub from his resumé down the …

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James Franco plays, a well meaning English teacher named Jake Epping who feels a little stuck in the mud. His students play with their cells phones during his lectures, and his wife is bringing him divorce papers to sign later that day. Not only that, but his favorite greasy-spoon diner is shutting down, seems the …

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True Story

Based on Finkel’s memoir of the same name, True Story centers on Longo, a seemingly upstanding husband and father, who’s accused of murdering his wife and three young children, then fleeing to Mexico, where he’s subsequently apprehended. Once in custody, he identifies himself as Michael Finkel of The New York Times. Almost simultaneously, Finkel himself …

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127 Hours

The one-man-against-the-odds drama revolves entirely around James Franco’s terrific solo performance as Aron Ralston, the skilled but somewhat reckless rock climber whose self-preservation instincts ultimately saved his life when a 2003 climbing accident left his arm pinned under a boulder. Trapped by himself in the middle of nowhere and wedged in a crack carved through …

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About Cherry

Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw) is a beautiful young woman who is tired of doing crap jobs and holding her drunk mom’s hair back while she vomits in the toilet. Per the suggestion of a creep boyfriend, she finds out she can make hundreds of dollars doing topless photo shoots. Appearing in porn is a natural progression …

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