Mark Wahlberg

The Fighter

I totally enjoyed watching The Fighter, but walked away from it chewing on all the characters, except, well, the fighter himself. Poor Marky Mark, bless his heart, his limited acting skills, and his excellent abs and eyebrows… His Micky Ward was so overwhelmed on screen at all times, if not in the boxing ring itself, …

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Complete the following comparison:Eddie Murphy’s Norbit is to DreamgirlsAs Mark Wahlberg’s ________ is to The Departed Yes, Shooter is right up there with Norbit as a shockingly bad film that almost single-handedly sends its star right back to square one. The only difference is that Mark Wahlberg walked the red carpet at the Oscars with …

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Broken City

After shooting a man involved with the rape and murder of a young inner-city woman, police officer Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) is tried for murder. While it’s clear that the man he killed was up to no good in general, there’s little evidence that Taggart had reason to shoot him when he did. Though perilously …

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