Nature gone wrong

Wolf 2021

Wolf (2021)

When I was a kid, I loved this show called Lucan, about a boy who raised by wolves. It was the TV era of championing outcasts as superheroes, like The Incredible Hulk and The Bionic Woman, and like so many 70s television shows, it starred a hot young guy with feathered hair. Lucan, the boy, …

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Lamb (2021)

When the trailer for Lamb debuted, a friend of mine immediately forwarded it to me with the simple statement: “This made me think of you.” I gasped in laughter and intrigue as I watched it. Wait… was that Noomi Rapace trudging across the barren Icelandic landscape holding a lamb’s, um, “hand” like a child? And …

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The Meg

Jason Statham, with his tiny face and outrageously broad shoulders, is some sort of brilliant deep-sea rescuer. He, of course, has a troubled past—a submarine rescue went wrong, and he had to leave two of his besties behind to die. Well, actually, he had to close the hatch on them because the side of the …

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Dwayne Johnson is at the height of earnestness as Davis Okoye, a primatologist in San Diego. It is hammered home that he likes animals more than people, but it is more accurate to say that he likes George, a big albino gorilla that he rescued from poachers. Luckily for us, this duo can talk to …

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Now I love me a good disaster movie. What I kinda love more than a good disaster movie is a good-BAD disaster movie. Those are the ones with a certain amount of earnestness, as a usually decent actor (usually an appealing, rugged, All-American type) struggles to rise above a script that comes second to the …

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