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Rain Man

Alas, where would the world be without Rain Man?  What would we call our friends when they rattled off some obscure fact or showed signs of obsessive rigidity?  What would the words, “def, definitely,” mean without him?  The movie has become so ingrained in pop culture that it’s easy to forget that the film itself …

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This is an Epic with a capital “E”, that’s for sure. Swords, and tigers, and blood, oh my! Actually, a lot of blood. Muddy armies hacking each other to bits (literally), people cut in half, penetrating arrows, and watch for the double-sword decapitation (“Aaaahhh!” gasps the audience in appreciation). I don’t think I’ve been so …

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The Departed

Shortly after seeing the original Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs a few years back, I heard that the rights had been optioned by Brad Pitt, of all people, for the seemingly unavoidable American remake. Was Hollywood really so dried up of ideas that they had to troll every already-good foreign film and translate it into …

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Perhaps showing what a timeless classic it is, Casablanca has provoked different reactions in me depending on when in my life I saw the film. I first watched it as a teenager when I was in the throes of my classic-Hollywood phase. Sure, I thought it was a good film (after all, Ingrid Bergman was …

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There are many Best Picture winners, true classics from Golden Age of Hollywood, that stand the test of time, like Gone With the Wind, It Happened One Night, or Rebecca. Then you have movies like Cavalcade, that have the credentials, but, well, no one really talks about them anymore. I think in the back of …

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