Dolphin Tale 2

Dolphin Tale was a surprise hit family film with a heartwarming true story of an injured dolphin named Winter that finds a new lease on life with a prosthetic tale. If you doubted the story for a second, the closing credits had heartwarming real footage of amputees and other differently-abled folks meeting the inspiring animal …

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There’s a thin line between cute and cutesy. The Disneynature film Bears wobbles on the line of being aimed squarely at tots, while being entertaining for anyone over the age of five. Lucky for the filmmakers, they have the advantage of stunning photography and truly impressive beastliness to keep even the jaded interested. It’s as …

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Dolphin Tale

A lonely boy finds an injured dolphin on the beach. She is horribly tangled and bleeding, caught in a rope that holds a crab pot. She has given up, and is waiting for death. An animal rescue agency picks up the injured dolphin, but her injuries are so severe that her condition is hit-or-miss. Her …

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African Cats

Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and shot over more than two years at the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, the film trains its lens on a number of feline inhabitants and their adorable-with-a-capital-A offspring. There’s Sita the cheetah and her five tiny cubs, who live a fairly isolated existence; Layla the aging lioness, who …

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Marley & Me

Bambi taught a string of generations about death, and now a whole new generation, pulled into what was advertised as a family-friendly kiddie movie, will be traumatized by Marley & Me. When the movie was in the theaters, I heard the movie could make grown men cry, and I fully admit (because I’m never afraid …

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