Ben Stiller

While We’re Young

Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts play a childless 40-something couple that realizes that (technically speaking at least) they are (gasp!) middle aged. Now, let me put this review on pause for a moment. As I watched this film, I quickly realized that they are exactly my age. In fact, just tonight, I was griping to …

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Zoolander 2

When the trailers forZoolander 2started being teased, I was surprised how many people I knew were genuinely excited about the movie. Maybe I was wrong when I thought that this was a sequel that no one asked for… Obviously there were a lot of people that loved the original movie, myself not included. Kind of …

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Fresh Horses

If you find yourself driven to distraction waiting for new Viggo Mortensen movies to come out, watch Fresh Horses. If you’ve ever cursed Hollywood for not recognizing Viggo’s talent and good looks until he was in his late 30’s, watch Fresh Horses. If you’ve ever spent an entire afternoon lamenting Molly Ringwald’s lackluster career, and …

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Stiller (who also directs) stars as the titular character, a one-time mohawked teenaged skateboarder, who deflated into a bland, working-stiff adult life after the death of his father. Now a negative-asset manager (i.e., he catalogues all the photo negatives) for LIFE magazine, Walter is a nebbish, bespectacled Everyman, who repeatedly drifts off into elaborate daydreams …

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Though not quite a komedy klassic, the male model spoof Zoolander is definitely good for some cheap-and-easy laughs (and even a few guffaws). Ben Stiller plays Derek Zoolander, a three-time Male Model of the Year (there’s an award for that?) whose dominance in the industry is being threatened by an up-and-comer grungy-surfer-boy model named Hansel …

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The curious case of Ben Stiller bustin’ out of his pants

It is common knowledge that actors and other celebrities are airbrushed for mass consumption. In print advertising, everyone is gorgeous, thinner, and has no pores. But one trend that I’ve noticed the last few years is not bigger breasts on the women (nothing new), but, well… how do you say… male enhancement, especially for the …

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