It’s not campy or colorful, but gorgeously dark and gothic and shadowy, like a black-and-white technicolor movie. Ron Perlman, who last donned mucho prosthetic make-up as Vincent in the cult-hit TV series Beauty and the Beast, dons mucho prosthetic make-up to play the titular demon, who’s rescued – as a teensy, weensy devil baby – …

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Hellboy II

Back in 2004, director Guillermo del Toro helmed the first Hellboy movie to a moderate level of acclaim and fanboy delight. But back then, he was just the sorta-known guy who made that movie where Mira Sorvino runs from giant bugs in sewers. Cut to 2008, and del Toro is once again behind the camera …

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Seventh Son

Sadly, Seventh Son isn’t even one of those spectacularly campy, so-bad-it’s-good misfires, redeemed by unintentional humor or deliciously over-the-top performances. This one misses the mark by such a gargantuan margin that I have to assume there was never actually a mark to hit in the first place. Set in I-don’t-know-when, in the fantasy realm of …

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A minor breakaway star from the hit horror film The Conjuring, Annabelle was a creepy CREEPY possessed doll the proved to be such trouble that she is now (in reality) locked up in a carefully monitored case. We, as audiences, love to have the poo scared out of us, so it is unsurprising and rather …

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I’m a sucker for religious horror films, from possession to demon dolls to angels falling to earth. When I saw the ads for Horns, showing That Nice Daniel Radcliffe bedeviled by the horns he has sprouted overnight, I was all over it. Unfortunately, the idea of Horns is better than the final product. We meet …

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The Exorcist

LINDA: Well, let’s just say I’ll never think of the happy sound of “the pitter-patter of tiny feet” the same way again. One of the most-touted scenes that was added to this re-release of The Exorcist is of newly-possessed Regan (Linda Blair) scampering on all fours—on her back—down the stairs. You see the horrifying image …

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