Iron Man 3

Iron Man, aka Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.), seems to be suffering from a bit of PTSD. He has nightmares, colds sweats, panic attacks, and obsessively is working on creating a whole new army of iron men in his rich-man basement. It’s all about what happened in New York, apparently. (“WHAT happened in New York?” I …

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The Avengers

Director Joss Whedon brings his trademark smarts and the sass – honed on iconic TV series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly – to this long-awaited big-screen teaming of some of cinema’s most recent superhero subjects, and the result is 2+ hours of big, boisterous summer-movie entertainment that’s likely to satisfy die-hard comic fans …

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I actually kind of liked Catwoman, except for the part where Halle Berry turns into a cat. I’m not just being facetious. The movie gets off to a decent start with Halle Berry as Patience Phillips, a nebbish but talented artist with poor fashion sense. She hasn’t quite made her mark on the art world, …

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The Amazing Spider-Man

Honestly, this is a bonafide summer blockbuster that totally lives up to its hype, successfully reboots an already-successful franchise and actually outdoes its not-so-distant predecessors. Under the skilled and surprisingly adept-given-his-past-credits guidance of director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer), this version of the Spider-Man tale takes all the familiar tropes and carefully weaves them …

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