I know several people that would name Paul Rudd as one of their movie boyfriends. He’s ridiculously good-looking, but despite (rather than because of) that he is totally adorable because he is a big ol’ dork. Sure, he teases us with his six-pack in Ant-Man, but the surprise casting of him in the latest Marvel …

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Wade Wilson is a wisecracking pretty-boy mercenary (played by wisecracking pretty-boy Ryan Reynolds, who finally seems to have a role that fits him like a red leather bodysuit). He runs in dangerous circles, but the first true threat to his livelihood of killing people for hire and going home to the love of his life, …

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Max Fleischer’s Superman: 1941-1942

Superman has gone through so many pop-culture incarnations, from the¬†campy television shows with George Reeves in ill-fitting tights, to the super-sleek (and still tight) costume of the most recent film Man of Steel,¬†Brandon Routh. But still, watching the original cinematic short films of Superman from the early 1940s, it doesn’t take even a stretch of …

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