Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, sometime in the near future, the film presents a semi-dystopian society where the police force is largely made up of robots. They’re law-enforcement machines, almost indestructible and capable of doling out swift, emotionless, fearless justice. Voiced by Blomkamp’s frequent collaborator, Sharlto Copley (whose movements were digitally captured to create the …

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Big Hero 6

Our scrappy hero Hiro is a smart but unfocused teen. He gambles with his creations on the robot-fighting circuit, while his idolized elder brother Tadashi excels in college. Just when Tadashi finally lures Hiro to give college, and especially the renowned robotics program, a chance, disaster strikes and Hiro’s happy world is thrown for a …

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Pacific Rim

I don’t understand the appeal of watching giant robots smashing things to bits. No, I take that back. I liked The Iron Giant, and Studio Ghibli does fantastic things with robots. Maybe I hate anything with giant robots that resemble Transformers, which I loathe (at least the movies). The success of the stinky Transformers films …

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