Steven Spielberg

The Post

Meryl Streep stars as real-life publisher Kay Graham, who “inherits” the reins of the Washington Post after the death of her husband. Regarded by the boys’ club of men who make up the paper’s Board of Directors as something of a joke, Kay soon finds herself smack dab in one of the most shocking and …

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Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is a clever and curious little girl who lives in an orphanage and suffers from insomnia. She has never had a best friend. She spends her nights wandering the halls or reading in bed, with only the resident cat or passing hooligans for company. Everything changes, however, when she glimpses something unusual …

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Jurassic World

Proving that those who do not learn from history will continue to repeat it as long as moviegoers are willing to shell out money, Jurassic World delivers is an action-heavy, plot-deficient spectacle that features more foolish humans learning the hard way that manipulating nature and hatching dinosaurs is a very, very, very bad idea. This …

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Bridge of Spies

That is not to say that Spielberg doesn’t know how to make an entertaining historical film. Bridge of Spies, after an exceptionally sluggish first half hour or so, is indeed entertaining. Set in the Cold War, the always-appealing Every Man Tom Hanks plays James Donovan, an insurance attorney that ends up defending the most hated …

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War Horse

The novel by Michael Morpurgo is set during the First World War and told from the horse’s point of view. The live-theater incarnation features a glorious mechanical horse puppet that, over the course of the play, steals the heart of the audience and, for all intents and purposes, becomes almost real. In both instances, everything …

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