Snow Cake

Snow Cake must have had my name written all over it, because I circled it in the SIFF guide more than once over the course of the festival, and only missed out because I couldn’t find a movie buddy. The other day, my friend came up to me with the DVD, saying, “Oh my God, …

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Written and directed by Max Mayer, and minus all the high-concept, big-budget bells and whistles that fill screens this time of year, the film is just a simple love story, told well by some solid actors. Hugh Dancy stars as the titular character, a quiet electronics engineer who lives alone in a meticulously tidy New …

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When in Rome

Not surprisingly, then, this would-be rom-com is neither romantic nor particularly funny, and is precisely the kind of movie you’d expect to hit screens at this cinematic dead-zone time of year. In short, it’s clunky, unfunny and largely charmless. Kristen Bell stars as Beth, a recently dumped art curator, who makes the mistake of drunkenly …

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If I Stay

I remember once seeing a local news story about a family of four that was involved in a horrific car crash, where all but one of the victims died either instantly or within hours of the accident. As the last person held on in the hospital in a coma, I’m sure I wasn’t the only …

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Funny Face

Audrey Hepburn charms as bookshop clerk Jo Stockton, whose life is turned upside down when fashion magazine editor Maggie Prescott (the fabulous Kay Thompson) bursts into her shop with photographer Dick Avery (Fred Astaire) and a passel of models and makeup artists in tow. Before Jo knows what hit her, books are thrown all over …

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